The three main advantages of migrating to the cloud and practical advice on how to plan this process

Cloud computing has become a key element of digital transformation, and more and more Polish companies are starting to realize it.

At the recent Cyber24Day conference (12.10.2021), they announced that over 68% of big and medium companies see the necessity of using the cloud as an indispensable element of developing business. Still, only one in four Polish companies uses these services (compared to one in three in Europe. However, there are many indicators that the development of the pandemic has successfully sped up the digitization of the domestic business, and increasingly more companies are asking not the “why migrate” question, but “when.” Below, we describe the key matters you should consider before making that decision.
Which cloud service provider should I choose?

In cloud solutions for companies, you have three types – the first being a public cloud which is an external, publicly available provider. Such a solution is provided by, among others, Google, Microsoft, AWS, OVH Cloud, or Docker. The second type is a private cloud which is a part of the organization, which nonetheless preserves its autonomous character. The third type is the hybrid combining the functions of both a public and private cloud. If you’re wondering which option to choose, you’re not alone. According to data from the Forrester Research report, the global demand for cloud services has increased by 35% during the pandemic, and their forecast value will reach 120 billion dollars in 2021. Depending on your company’s needs and business goals, you can decide to migrate entirely to a public or hybrid cloud, which connects traditional servers with a modern platform. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get access to innovative software and eliminate the long-term costs of buying new equipment or maintaining the server rooms. However, these are not all advantages of this modern solution.

What will your company gain thanks to migrating to the cloud?

There are many advantages of migrating to the cloud. Still, the most prominent one is definitely the unlimited flexibility because the new resources launch immediately, which allows you to avoid holdups in the system. What’s more, you can access the saved resources from any device and place in the world. This investment also means considerable savings, as you no longer have to invest vast amounts in local servers, equipment, IT employees, amortization, or power. 

Most importantly – you pay only for what you use because the servers and services switch off automatically when they’re not needed. On the other hand, when you see an increase in traffic, you can launch new machines, paying only for the time when they work. Thanks to that, it’s a very scalable solution, perfect both for big, developing companies and smaller ones that are just expanding and at this point can’t predict what their needs are going to be in the future. Many entrepreneurs hesitate whether to switch to the cloud because of data safety concerns, not knowing that in the cloud, their files are perfectly safe. No external infrastructure has such safety measures against cyberattacks as the cloud, which are not limited to your login and password, but also an astounding number of certificates, warranties and protection measures. 

For example, Google Cloud enables you to scan the code, container images, and systems, and it also ensures that the commands and connections are visible. It and that they’re compatible with safety policies and regulations. Moreover, the cloud automatically creates backup copies of your data, which you can always recreate if some file gets deleted by mistake. That’s why it’s the preferred solution while planning the software for a new product because the cloud guarantees that all information is stored safely in one place.

kod widoczny na ekranie laptopa
How to safely move your business to the cloud?

Before starting the process of migrating, you need to think about your goals and what business problem you’re trying to solve. Knowing what your purpose is (e.g., building a new web app for clients or a new e-commerce platform for booking a given service) will make it easier to design the best solution. Having specified requirements and business goals, you then should plan the cloud’s architecture by mapping the services, applications, or databases needed. The most important aspect of this process is building a cloud to enable you to modify its architecture and capacity in the future so that it answers your needs longer. Once everything is ready, the time comes for the final data migration and teaching your employees how to use the new system.

As an experienced IT partner introducing digital transformation on the Polish market for many years, AppVerk will help you plan the whole cloud migration process easily and safely and choose the best option for your business. Our priority is to secure your projects by launching them on a trusted platform where you only pay for the resources that you use. After successful migration, we can also monitor the safety of your data and react immediately whenever you need our support.

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