Four trends in the IT industry to watch in 2022

The beginning of the new year is an ideal moment to take a closer look at new trends and developing strategies. In this article, we present to you the four currents that will dominate the IT industry in the upcoming months.


In recent years, the service market has undergone a breathtaking transformation thanks to the development of AI, which has become a standard in our homes and at work. Modern technologies speed up the automation of processes and services (such as blockchain or cloud) and change the market. Because of the rising work costs and lack of employees, 2020 saw more and more occupations automated. For example, Amazon has already registered over 1,5 billion drones in the USA, which are successfully replacing couriers. In Japan, it is a common sight in restaurants that a Waiter-robot Penny 4 is servicing. This trend is going to progress, and according to OECD, 65% of today’s kids will do a job that has yet to exist. The automation of processes is also obvious in electronic banking, and examples are easy to find. Electronic payments dominate our local market – they constitute 47% of all transactions now, and the most preferred methods are Pay-by-Link – 36%, Blik – 26%, and the traditional online transfer – 22%.


A majority of people know the word blockchain with cryptocurrencies, but this technology has many more applications. By offering transparency, autonomy, and no changing of the data after creating a query, the blockchain code now ensures the most efficient protection of sensitive information. What’s more, it’s the cheapest and quickest way of storing banking records, thanks to the decentralized nature of the blockchain. It’s because the decentralization breaks the entirety of data into several smaller sources, and any unauthorized modification of any block will be automatically detected. Therefore, more and more companies from the transport, medical, or real estate industries are investing in this solution to manage their data. It is possible that shortly the blockchain technology will simplify the process of buying or selling real estate thanks to the electronic signing, enable doctors to access their patients’ full medical documentation or secure voting systems. Due to the need to digitize services in the pandemic, the global blockchain service market is forecast to grow from 3 billion dollars in 2020 to 39,7 billion dollars in 2026.


As the digital transformation develops, there are more and more hacker attacks on users’ personal data stored both in web and mobile apps. A widely covered story of 533 million data from Facebook users in April 2021 shows that cybersecurity precisely is a global problem, and protecting app user privacy is a complicated process. What can you do to ensure maximum security for your users? In the case of web apps, apart from implementing encrypted communications with the server, it’s worth limiting access to specific IP addresses and configuring the firewall in such a way that you create a dam for specific services, such as SSH or MySQL. It is also popular to block visitors from given countries, hiding IP addresses, or the reduction of the number of bots using services. Then, the most common reason for an information leak from mobile apps is: data warehouse not secured (63%), no encryption in data during their transmission (56%), no binary security measures (92%), the possibility of an injection-type attack from the user’s side (40%), using passwords or keys permanently in the code (23%), and revealing confidential information as a result of a side-channel type of attack (69%). In both cases, it is most important to monitor the application and regularly update the software plus test the code for any potential gaps in security measures.

kod na ekranie komputera

The topic of migrating to the cloud is decisively the number one trend in Poland. Currently, over 68% of big and medium companies see the necessity of using a cloud as an essential element of developing the business, yet only one in four Polish companies uses these services. The unlimited flexibility of resources, considerable financial savings, the scalability of the solution, and the safety of data stored are the main advantages of migrating the business to the cloud. Polish companies should also be convinced by the fact that one of the leading cloud services providers, Google, created a Google Cloud area in Warsaw in April 2021, which is the biggest investment from the IT giant in Poland. Furthermore, in 2022, Microsoft will build a few data centers near Warsaw which handle the Azure and Microsoft Office 365 solutions, which confirms the growing potential of the local market for cloud providers. 

As you can see from these trends, the whole world is going in the digitization direction, and modern technologies are becoming an essential part of our private and professional lives. That’s why it’s important to responsibly approach creating applications, making them safe, and taking care of their software. Before making decisions on investing in one of these technologies, it’s worth consulting with a seasoned provider of digital services who will help you choose the best solution for a given project and will carry it out in a safe and smooth way.

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