We are looking for unique employees, and we appreciate cultural diversity. We believe it’s the way to achieve the best results.

Dutch work culture in your city

We stand out on our local market primarily thanks to the Western work culture, deep industry expertise, and strong software skills. Working with us, you’ll develop your skills and get valuable experience. We can offer you a flexible work arrangement for great money and expect transparent communication, efficiency and results. Interested? Check out who we’re looking for at the moment.

Employment agreement or B2B
Flexible work hours
Competitive salary
Tools for work
Access to conferences and trade fairs
Startup atmosphere
Integration parties and trips
Remote friendly

We are looking for

talented and motivated people.

We want you to keep on learning and growing your potential. Our experienced team members are focused on knowledge exchange while working in a friendly, casual environment. We use the newest technology stacks and best tools available. Be yourself and never stop getting better with AppVerk!

Check out what we can offer and who we’re looking for now. If you haven’t found a position suitable for you and would still like to work with us, send us a messagemaybe we can find something for you!

Our recruitment process

Step 1: Let’s get to know each other

If your CV catches our interest, we’ll invite you to a conference call. During this call, you will get to know our company better and your potential position, and we’ll learn about your expectations and competencies. We try to keep these conversations short and to the point, but also in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Step 2: Technical conversation

The next step is a conference call with our technical experts. Its goal is to check your technical knowledge and experience needed for work at a given position by discussing potential solutions to real problems.

Step 3: Conversation with the leader

The last stage of recruiting is the conversation with one of our leaders, best in person. Thanks to that, they can get to know you better and understand your experience working directly with clients, what your successes have been so far, and what challenges you have faced.

Once finished, we need a maximum of seven days to decide on cooperation.
We try to get back to our candidates with feedback as soon as possible.


Can I work remotely, and if yes - how often?
We’re flexible with remote work, but you should be ready to join team meetings and client meetings in person from time to time. If you prefer to work in the office, our doors are always open for you!
What form of contract do you offer?
We let all our employees freely choose the form of the contract that suits them best. B2B contracts and work contracts (UoP) are the most popular options.
Who will I work with?
There are people of different nationalities in our team, coming from various environments (not necessarily IT) and having diverse experiences because we value diversity. Depending on the position, we work in 2-3 person teams, and the team leader analyzes the results.
What other benefits do you offer?
Apart from flexible work hours and freedom to choose the form of employment (contract), we offer every employee a minimum of 26 days of paid leave and work tools (PC or laptop). In addition, we regularly organize integration parties and English lessons. If you’re interested in industry conferences or trade shows, we’ll be happy to cover such costs. Also, fresh coffee and snacks are always waiting in the office.
How can I prepare for the recruitment process?
It’s enough to send us your CV, and you will be able to talk to us in person or remotely. We don’t expect you to know the answers to all our questions. Job interviews consist of several stages, and each of them is done in a friendly atmosphere and aims to learn about your needs and check whether you can meet our expectations. The most important thing is to show us your strengths, be motivated to work, and eager to learn new things!